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Founded in 1973, the company started production in the industrial equipment sector. At that time there was very little industry in the south, so, in 1976 we decided to channel our energies into the rail sector, achieving registration in the railway register of suppliers of the Group Ferrovie dello Stato (N° 25887).
Since then we have developed and strengthened our cooperation with both Group F.S. and the main European constructors of rolling stock, focusing on complex mechanical machining and producing ever more exacting mechanical safety components and spare parts, electromechanical equipment and assembled groups.
From 1994 onwards, we have made significant investments through the construction of new headquarters and buying, periodically, high tech production systems thus boosting our growth.
We have 40 employees.

Board of Directors

President : Palmerino Ferraioli
Managing Director : Giovanni Manzo


Innovation is an ongoing process, which involves all areas of the company with the aim to improve and optimize costs, turnover and performances.


  • aims to affect constant improvement of competitiveness through both specific actions of innovation of technologies and management of production planning
  • starts implementing improvement by continuous training of human resources: whatever technology relies on a support of motivation, commitment, ability and willingness to obtain results
  • implements innovation day by day, process after process, because we believe that innovation is a gradual and continuous process

  • With whom, do we lead innovation?

  • There are many ongoing co-operations with research institutes, Italian Universities and high-tech companies. Together with ENEA and Others, we are stakeholders in the Research Consortia TRAIN, (with the aim to develop innovative technologies in the transport sector).
  • We are associated with:

    ANFIA (Associazione Nazionale Filiera Industria Automobilistica)

    ASSIFER (Associazione Industrie Ferroviarie)