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In the workshop, there are two main units equipped with CNC machining centres (horizontal and vertical) and lathes. Additionally, we have an assembly line for switch machines, groups and subgroups. The units are technologically advanced and, able to work independently on composite on composites and complex mechanical parts. With a high degree of automation, they permit a wide range of production and a great deal of flexibility preparing the right time, 24 hours a day. They also drastically reduce downtimes, ensuring a more competitive production. These production systems are managed by our professionally qualified technicians who have been working for the company since leaving high school. Our staff feels and believes in our brand and is constantly focused on achieving the company objectives. Their professional growth is guaranteed by continuous training.

We have following main production systems:

Horizontal milling

4 axis machining centre (FMC)
  • magazine with 122 tool positions ISO 50
  • with 11 pallets 630 x 630 pallets
  • integrated IBM RISC 6000 supervisor
  • Balluff tool coding and FMX software
  • CNC D.E. Z32 Systems (X= 800, Y= 850, Z= 900)
  • Spindle speed 4000 r.p.m
  • spindle power 28 kW
  • fitted with Heidenhain digital readout on the X, Y and Z axes
  • (Producer MCM)

  • 4 axis machining centre (CIM FMS)
  • magazine with 125 tool positions ISO 50
  • with 12 pallets 630 x 630
  • 6 additional tables not on standard version
  • IBM RISC 6000 Line Supervisor, FMX software
  • CNC D.E. Z32 Systems ( X= 800, Y= 700, Z= 800)
  • Spindle speed 8000 r.p.m
  • Spindle power 20 kW
  • fitted with Heidenhain digital readout on the X, Y and Z axes
  • (Producer MCM)

  • 4 axis horizontal machining centre
  • magazine with 199 toll positions with tool changing HSK-A100
  • pallets 630 x 800
  • rotation diameter 1400
  • max. weight on pallet 1500 kg
  • numerical control CNC Fanuc 16-I; ( X= 1300; Y= 1010; Z= 1100)
  • spindle 14000 r.p.m. HSK-A100
  • spindle power kW 69
  • continuous rotary table with 360.000 indexing divisions
  • fitted with Heidenhain digital readout on linear and rotary axis
  • (Producer MCM)

  • 4 axis machining centre
  • with professional Microcomputer and integrated numerical control CNC FANUC System 16 IM
  • magazine with 90 die-positions, coupling HSK-A 100
  • pallets 630 x 630; (X= 900, Y= 800, Z= 970)
  • spindle unit 20-12.000 r.p.m
  • electro-spindle with integrated CA and coupling for tool changing HSK-A100
  • spindle power 30 kW
  • rotary table with numerical control and 4th axis NC with 360 positions
  • feed rate 1….50.00 mm rpm
  • rapid 50.000 rpm
  • (Producer MAKINO)

  • Vertical milling

    4 axis -ISO 40 CNC palletized vertical machining centre
  • with 2 pallets 500 x 1000
  • 30 position tool magazine (X= 800, Y= 520, Z= 550
  • spindle power 26 kW
  • continuous rotary table
  • tailstock
  • (Producer SIGMA)

  • 4 axis vertical machining centre
  • 2 tables of 100 x 770 each
  • coupled tables 2180 x 770
  • stroke X= 1000; Y= 810; Z= 630
  • with coupled tables X= 2140; Y= 810; Z= 630
  • max weight on one table 1000 kg
  • on two tables 2000 kg
  • tool magazine with 50 cone positions HSK-A63
  • spindle 40-15000 r.p.m/li>
  • - indexing angular spindle 360000 programmable positions
  • with pressurized Heidenhain digital readout
  • fitted with CNC Siemens Sinumerik 840D
  • (Producer SIGMA)

  • Turning
  • • 5 axis CNC turning/milling centre
  • tool pocket HSK-63 for turning / milling
  • chain magazine with 80 positions
  • Max. turning diameter 500 mm
  • max. turning length 800 m
  • counter spindle
  • Milling of teeth
  • electro-spindle 5.000 rpm
  • counter spindle 6.000 rpm
  • contro mandrino
  • turning/milling spindle 12.000 rpm
  • (Producer DMG )

  • 5 axis CNC turning/milling centre
  • tool pocket HSK-63 for turning / milling
  • chain magazine with 48 positions
  • Max. turning diameter 500 mm
  • max. turning length 1.250 mm
  • counter spindle
  • Milling of teeth
  • electro-spindle 5.000 rpm
  • counter spindle 6.000 rpm
  • turning/milling spindle 12.000 rpm
  • (Producer DMG)

  • Tools measuring device with accessories (presetting)
  • (Producer SPERONI)

  • Balancing-machine for tools complete with adapter for cone ISO and HSK
  • (CEMB)

  • 14 stations CNC
  • max. L= 560
  • max. Internal turned diameter = 670
  • External diameter between points 350
  • Maximum diameter when rotating 800
  • spindle power 22 kW
  • (Different models)

  • Grinding

    CNC Cylindrical grinding machine
  • distance between centres 1000 mm
  • centre height 175 mm
  • max work piece weight 120 kg
  • (Producer STUDER)

  • Tangential grinding machine
  • 600 x 300 x 400
  • Dyaform unit
  • (Producer BLOHM)

  • Welding

    Welding station with qualified personal (N° employees)
  • (Producer FRO)

  • Electric arc welding machine for coated electrodes
  • (Producer VITECO)

  • Washing plant

    Washing machine L= 4500 mm; H= 2540 mm; depth=1800 mm
  • (PERO)
  • Quality Laboratory
  • CNC three-dimensional measurement machine with statistical processing program;(DEA)
  • Optic emission 15 analytical channel spectrometer with argon flux sample stand for simultaneous and quantitative analysis, chemical elements in solid samples routine analysis and steel and cast-iron analysis
  • (Spectrocast)
  • Magneto scope; (Namicon)
  • Ultrasound tester; (Namicon)
  • Durometer; (Galileo)
  • Surface-finishing testing instrument; (Hommelwerke, Thyssen)
  • Insulation tester; (Siemens)
  • Digital tester for springs (draught and compression); (Imada)
  • Digital multimeter; (Fluke)
  • Digital feeder mechanism; (Gossen)
  • Pendulum dynamometer; (Mitutoyo)
  • Dielectric tester; (Hioki)
  • Metrology room for primary samples
  • Measurement and inspection equipment (Gages, Micrometers, Altimeters, Comparators)


    Within the production process, besides the highly advanced production systems, particular importance is paid to the study of the cycle, design and manufacture of equipment. So in order to meet the needs of the market, we established a design unit – virtual simulation of both design and technology and advanced production control, integrated with support software:

  • Solidworks (CAD)
  • EdgeCAM (CAM)
  • Design of production equipment and industrialization of product, are controlled by the following activities:

  • Activity planning and assignment of responsibilities
  • Data identification and basic requirements
  • Definition of design res
  • Inspections, reviews and design validation
  • Documentation and recording of activities


    The company is certified for welding according to EN ISO 15085-2 - CL1 level

  • The welded products are manufactured using qualified processes according to UNI EN ISO 15613: 2005
  • Personnel employed for welding is qualified according to UNI EN ISO 9606-1: 2013
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) on welds are performed by trained (visual inspection - VT) or qualified personnel in concordance to the UNI EN ISO 9712: 2012 - Level II (penetrating liquids - PT).

    Ferraioli is set up to supply products on a full Turn Key basis:

  • - support to product industrialization
  • Customer Rolling Forecast Management
  • sourcing of raw materials and commercial components
  • fulfillment of the whole production flow, including assembly
  • fulfillment of control activities with final test and non-conformity management
  • product delivery to the destination chosen by the Customer
  • management of buffer stocks in Ferraioli’s warehouse (raw materials, semi-finished and finished products)

    There is no doubt that quality acquires a strategic value, when we consider the complexity of the machining. Production processes, are continuously monitored also through frequent periodic audits by our customers. The instruments of the quality laboratory allow us to perform the required dimensional controls, according to both customers and internal control plans.
    In a few words, the management of our quality has the following aims:

  • guarantee permanent conformity of the product to Customers specifications and to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001
  • continuous improvement of production process
  • to make responsible all involved business areas.

  • Awarded Certifications:
  • UNI EN ISO 9001 since 19955
  • ISO 15085-2 cl. 1

  • Following certification are in implementing
  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
  • TS/16949 (Automotive)
  • AS EN 9100 (Aerospace)

  • Forecast of effective achievement: December 2016.


    From Trenitalia SpA and other European Rolling Stock producers

    Components in different metal materials, obtained by mechanical machining, made from cast, rolled, extruded semi-finished products, for various applications on railway vehicles
    Critical and complex products: Axle boxes and lower boxes for wheelsets of railway vehicles
    Main mechanical components in steel and cast iron for switch machines P80, MET, MOT
    Mechanical accessories for switch machines
    Components for railway vehicles gearboxes
    Mechanical safety spare parts.


    The preservation of the environment, health and safety of its own employees has always been important to Ferraioli & C. We always have tried to avoid that the development and realization of a product, the machine itself or the production process causes risks to the environment, to safety or to health.
    We have always been committed to:

  • the prevention of any form of pollution
  • continuously improve production process reducing the impact on the environment, on the health of employees and on the safety at work
  • maintain constructive relationships with the local authorities and administrations, with the aim of generating a close cooperation in order to achieve the best possible results regarding preservation of environment, health and safety at work